6 Versatile Food Photography Props You Already Own

Are you planning a food photo session for your company, agency or blog but don’t have time to source props? Don’t worry! Here are six versatile food photography props you’re likely to have at home.

These props aren’t just the cheapest, but are also some of the most versatile pieces you can find. They’re guaranteed to make your food photography look spectacular!

6 Versatile Food Photography Props That You Already Own at home

1. Dried plants and flowers

I’m a great lover of dried flowers and indoor plants. They’re perfect to decorate your house and also your photos! When I want to give a natural and minimalist air to my images, I just place a vase of dried flowers in my scene. For this hot chocolate I also used Christmas decorations to give some extra pops of color.

You don’t have to use expensive fresh flowers. Dried flowers and indoor plants last much longer and can be used over and over again. They can also be used in a variety of ways. Try them in the background of the image, in a vase, or placed directly on the surface.

Versatile Food Photography Props

2. Cutting boards

Cutting boards are a versatile food photography props and a nice way to enhance any dish or preparation shot. They give depth and dimension, and like in this cherry chia pudding photo, can also be used to frame the subject. Don’t worry if they are too worn or have scratches, this can easily be fixed in post production. 

Versatile Food Photography Props

3. Baking paper and book pages

Kitchen parchment paper is great for layering photos. Don’t worry if it’s creased, add even more wrinkles to create some additional shadows in your photo!

I also love using old book pages. In the picture above you’ll see they can add a lovely rustic and romantic feel.

props hojas de libros-1

4. Canning jars

Don’t throw away canning jars! Once you’ve removed any labels they’re really useful for beverage photography. I’ve used them for smoothies, coffee, iced coffee, lemonade and soda. In this photo, I’ve also used them with fresh herbs for a burst of color.

Hang on to any smaller jars too and use them for spice or herb mixes like this autumnal photo of pumpkin spice latte.

Tip: To remove labels easily, leave the jars to soak in soapy water overnight.

Versatile Food Photography Props

5. Ingredients

Ingredients are the best things to promote your recipe! They give clues about the flavour, but can also give your image colour and texture. With this apricot jam biscuit some beautiful fresh apricots were the obvious choice for me. Adding chopped pistachios then made a great color contrast.

Versatile Food Photography Props

Here’s another example of ingredients as props. In this recipe I made for Taste France, I used seeds, kiwi, blueberries, dehydrated coconut and honey to give clues to the flavour of a chia pudding. But they also act to give the photo texture and interest.

6. Napkins

Strategically placed napkins can give your image visual lines and movement. Natural colours usually work best, and linen fabrics fold particularly well. Use the folds and wrinkles to create interesting shadows and add dimension to your photographs.

Versatile Food Photography Props

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