The Best Camera Angles for Food Photography

Are you interested in starting food photography? If so, you’ll need to learn the best camera angles for food photography to showcase your dishes.

There are three main camera angles used when photographing food: overhead, straight-on or three-quarters angle.

Best camera angles for food photography

1. Overhead Shots (or flat lay)

overhead shoots for food photography

If you’ve spent time on Instagram, Pinterest or food blogs, you’ll have noticed this popular camera angle for food photography. It’s ideal for capturing geometric shapes such as triangles, squares or circles, and for highlighting patterns and repetitions.

I recommend using this angle if you’re photographing:


  • Pizza
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Pasta
  • Pies and galettes
  • Tacos

When composing an overhead photo it’s important to add some extra layers and create a sense of depth. For example, if you’re shooting a pizza, add olive oil or fresh basil leaves to the top. For the photo of this galette I added a scoop of ice cream and pistachios to give depth and interest.

2. The Straight-On Camera Angle

Straight-On camera angle for food photography

This approach has the ability to make food look monumental! As such, you’ll often see it used in advertising and commercial food photography for things like hamburgers and pancakes. The photos are taken directly in front of the object and give the ultimate view of the side of the food. This angle is great for photographing things with layers, or for showing perfectly focused drips, drizzles and dusts.

Use the straight-on angle for:

  • Pancakes with a drizzle of honey
  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Pouring drinks

Be careful about the plate you select when shooting this angle. Dips plates with a big lip can block some parts of your food. Better to use, flat-lipped plates.

3. The Three-Quarters Angle

The Three-Quarters Angle for food photography

The last angle is three-Quarters Angle. It’s somewhere in the middle of both the overhead and the straight-on!  This angle is ideal for showing depth and for capturing elements in front of or behind a plate.

With this photo angle, three-quarters of the subject is visible: the top, the side and the front.

The 45° angle is ideal for:

  • cutting shots
  • Bite shots
  • Drinks and decorated cocktails.

If you’ve found this post helpful about the best camera angles for food photography be sure to check my older food photography posts!


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