My 9 go-to Styling Concepts for Product Photography

Finding it difficult to come up with style ideas for your photography business? Here are my 9 favourite styling concepts for product photography that your clients are bound to love.

1. Splash

segundo splash para portada web

This is my personal favourite concept for product and beverage photography. It is an advanced technique as artificial light or flash works better than continuous light, and if you want to work alone, you also need a remote control. I use methacrylate cubes to create the splash, and vinyl backdrops that are ok to get wet and are easily cleaned.

In this reel, you can see how I made this splash photograph using a fake pool.

2. Levitation

composites- version 2 jpg

This concept displays the product in a way that makes it appear as if it is floating or levitating. It’s one of the best fun and modern concepts for product photography that can be combined with other techniques such as splashing.

The floating can be achieved with chopsticks, your own hands, or a “free hand”. You can find the free hand that I use in my images here.

This short video shows how I made this levitating cookies’ image.

3. Water ripple

foto en movimiento parte arriba web water shot

This is a great idea for fun summer photos of drinks, or to use for cosmetic products. Its another advanced concept and requires patience, especially if you want to combine it with a splash. The photo above it took me 4 hours to complete!

For this cosmetics image I used a hair dryer to create waves in the water tray. You can see more about both techniques in this reel.

You will need:

  • A large acrylic tray
  • A vinyl background
  • Water
  • A hair dryer

This short video shows how I made this beautiful “water ripple” image.

4. “The Hero Shot”

Styling Concepts for Product/Food Photography

This is always a great choice if you want to make your product stand out. To achieve this power shot, simply put your product on a stand and place the camera in a lower position.

5. “Human element”

Styling Concepts for Product/Food Photography

Humanizing a product by showing a person, or parts of them, is a great way to draw in a viewer. An easy way to do this is by showing hands holding the product or prop accessories.

If you don’t have someone’s hands to borrow, then you’ll need a remote control for your camera so you can manage everything yourself! Just remember to wash your hands and nails first 😉

This short video shows how I made this human element concept. 

6. Multiple Product Graphic

Styling Concepts for Product/Food Photography

Another favourite in advertising and social media is the concept of repeating the product throughout one image. You don’t need multiple images, just one good photo of the product and the rest is done in Photoshop.

Here’s a reel showing how I made one of these images. 

7. Ingredients

Kinnie levitation. Product photography malta.

This concept aims to instantly show the consumer what a product is made of, what the main ingredients are, and its ‘essence’.
This technique instantly gives colour and texture to your images, and avoids spending a lot of money on props! It’s also possible of course to combine the ingredients concept with other techniques. In this image I combined it with levitation.

This short video shows how I work with oranges to create  another beautiful drink photography

8. Textures

Styling Concepts for Product/Food Photography

This technique is great for showing the ‘hidden’ parts of a product – the parts only seen when they are in your hand or being consumed. Textures can be created with oils and creams etc. and combs are great for creating lines and stripes. Enjoy playing and see what you can create!

9. Minimalist


Sometimes less is more 🙂 When a product is beautiful itself, nothing else is needed. The right choice of lighting and some good editing should be enough to achieve fantastic results.

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